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Historical Insurance Document Collection, 1600s-current

The Historical Insurance Document Collection contains a wide variety of primary and secondary sources, including correspondence, letterheads, company prospectus, stock certificates, receipts, checks, promissory notes, obsolete currency, notices of assessment, notices of injury, advertising calendars, blotters, and more. Two of the oldest documents in the collection, from the 17th century, can be viewed here and here.

To view and use policies from this collection, contact the Davis Library Insurance Archives.


Insurance Company Advertising Signs, c.1850-1940

Insurance company advertising signs depict the logos and emblems of various insurance companies, and were distributed for display in branch and agent insurance offices. Many of the signs in this collection, dating from 1850-1940, are displayed at the Davis Library.

To view items from this collection, contact the Davis Library Insurance Archives.

Insurance Company Advertising Signs image