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Vlachos & Company Fire Insurance Inspectors Collection, 1926-1978

C.A. Vlachos Photograph

C. A. Vlachos, Insurance Advocate, November 18, 1933

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Vlachos & Company, Fire Insurance Inspectors, was established on June 1, 1926 by C.A. Vlachos in Brooklyn, New York. While the company specialized mainly in underwriting fire hazards, it grew to incorporate marine and shipyard reporting in the early 1940s. C.A. Vlachos’ legacy includes his work “Normal Loss Expectancy”, written in 1935, which details typical loss expected by fire in various instances. In 1965, the organization was acquired by John W. Van Brunt, Chief Shipyard and Builders Risk Inspector for the U.S. Salvage Association. In 1975, Van Brunt continued Vlachos’ work in “Normal Loss Expectancy” when he included additions to the original work. Materials include a scrapbook about the early company history, letters to subscribers, newspaper clippings and magazine articles, and two typewritten manuscripts.

Scrapbook of the Great Baltimore Fire, Grover Shoe Factory Disaster, and Friedlander Leather Remnants Factory Fire, 1904-1910

This 38 page scrapbook is divided into three sections, one for each of the three disasters that occurred between 1904 and 1910; The Great Baltimore Fire, The Grover Shoe Factory Disaster, and The Friedlander Leather Remnants Factory Fire. Each section contains newspaper clippings and photographs from magazine pages detailing these tragedies, including the causes, lives lost and people injured, damage to property and relief efforts, as well as claims made after the disasters to competing insurance companies.

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Automatic Fire Sprinkler Head Collection, 1878-2004

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Heads were one of the most important inventions in the history of fire prevention and of great importance to the fire insurance industry. This collection of sprinkler heads includes examples dating back to the earliest models invented in the late 1800’s, to more recent models dating to the 1950’s.

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