Records of the Liability Insurance Association, 1908-1910

The Liability Insurance Association was founded in 1908 by representatives of several liability insurance companies. The Association’s purpose was “to promote good will, harmony, confidence, and cooperation between the companies, and to devise and give effect to measures for the protection of their common interests and for the observance of the amenities that should exist between companies and associations.”[1] The first meeting was held in New York City on October 21, 1908, at which officers were elected and the constitution and bylaws were adopted. At this meeting, the executive committee was instructed to “consider a plan for the exchange of information between companies on distinctly undesirable risks, which companies may or may not avail themselves of as they see fit.”[2] In 1911, the Association merged with the International Association of Casualty and Surety Underwriters. [3]

The bulk of the collection is correspondence from and to secretary Frederick H. Kingsbury regarding the constitution and bylaws, scheduling meetings, meeting minutes, membership and dues, letterheads and stationary, and the appointment of officers. There is only one set of meeting minutes, from August 1909, located in folder 28. In addition, two major topics of discussion throughout the collection are the exchange of information on undesirable risks among liability insurance companies, and whether first and full medical aid should be a provision of liability policies. A program for and correspondence regarding the third annual meeting, held October 1909, can be found in folder 31. Addresses made at the third, fourth, and fifth annual meetings of the Liability Insurance Association can be found by searching in the Davis Library’s catalog.

Finding aid (PDF)

Letterhead for Liability Insurance Association

[1] Hayden’s Annual Cyclopedia of Insurance in the United States 1910-1911.

[2] Records of the Liability Insurance Association, 1908-1910, folder 5.

[3] Hayden’s Annual Cyclopedia of Insurance in the United States 1911-1913, Life and Miscellaneous Insurance Edition.


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